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"Wai!" from Beijing

First on the agenda...sleep!

After being over-stimulated on the flight with free movies and wine, sleep was the first thing on my to do list!

So glad I had organised a transfer to my hostel before I got here...there's no way I could have navigated my way from the airport, sleep deprived, and with a backpack twice my own height and 3 times my own weight (at least that's how it felt carrying it!).

Arriving at the hostel I was greeted by welcoming staff, and then by a not-so-welcoming cockroach in my bathroom.
The moment we clocked each other we realised we wouldn't get along, so he agreed to head back into the crack in the wall behind the pipe, from whence he'd came. This being a wise decision, as if he'd have come any closer he may have been met with a firm wack from my trainer!

Despite not seeing him again after that moment, I still decided to shower with my jelly shoes on!

After the hostel staff had fixed my door (which wouldn't shut as it was falling off the hinges) I was able to go to bed and get some much needed sleeeeeeeeep!

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3,2,1 Take off!

Less than 9 hours to go until my flight...and I'm not quite packed yet! How does a person pack a bag for a year?!

I've been given so many hints, tips, recommendations on places to go, that my head is swimming. Just hoping I can remember all the advice I've been given when I get out into the big wide world.

I know for certain that these two pieces of advice will stick in my mind forever...

Hannah Melnyk: "Don't trust a person just because they speak English."

Marney Meakin: "Lay all your money and clothes out on the bed. Take half the amount of clothes you planned to...and double the amount of money."

With the latter in mind, I better get back to packing!

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